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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Listen to me, NPR!

Did anyone else catch Dr. Ruth's interview on NPR's Morning Edition today? It was priceless. The first time I heard it I cried, and the second time it made me chuckle--particularly the bit where she addresses "NPR" as if it were a singular person, as in, "Can you hear me, NPR?" Yes, Dr. Ruth, we can hear you.

At one point I would tell you that I want to be her, except for the sharpshooter training.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

news around Chi-town

The giant snake died.
I didn't know much about the man or his politics, and mean that "giant snake" thing affectionately; Stephens was the only mayor that Rosemont has ever had, and he reminded of us of Mayor Wilkins on Buffy, who ruled the town for a century and change before turning into a giant snake monster and eating a bunch of students at graduation. As it turns out, this guy was mortal after all. I'm disappointed.

I'm also disappointed with the Cubs, who once again managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on Wednesday. But Buehrle threw a no-hitter and proved that Chicago really CAN support good pitchers, and keep them healthy, despite what my boys claim.

Also, transit chief Frank Kruesi is out, which everyone is thrilled about because anger at him ran so deeply. However, I predict that this will not make the Red Line run any faster or get me a bus back home from knitting if my car is again stolen.

Finally, and most exciting for the two of you who may still have this blog on your RSS feed, I got cleared to fly to DC for Tony's wedding next month, barring any unexpected medical events. Yay! Perhaps the news in your town looks much like the news in mine, but it's nice to have a little variety.


SCOTUS roundup

After a long period of dragging my feet, I succumbed to the New Blogger. I think I'm the last person. Let's see how it goes.

On the SCOTUS' upholding of the federal abortion ban, my panic is outweighing my anger at the moment. So I'll quote folks.

Bitch Ph.D catalogues some of the consequences of banning intact D&X, if that is indeed what this "partial-birth abortion ban" is banning. She also delivers stories on late-term problems that make me shudder a little this month, so I'll leave 'em alone.

Ema (quoting ACOG and The Blog That Ate Manhattan) also quotes nicely.

Adri says:
Even more frightening [than endless talk of this week's shooter] is today's Supreme Court ruling about late-stage abortions. Even more chilling is the language of sanctimonious pro-lifers, politicians and Bible-thumpers. It sends a very real chill down my spine to read their words about protecting the life inside the woman and other such bullshit. What about protecting the *woman* and her rights? The idea of politicians controlling women's bodies is so much more frightening to me. What was Sandra thinking when she retired?

I think the reason it got upheld is because this issue isn't about well-written law. It's about politics and exerting control over women. And to think that the same crazy people who support this law probably also think it's a great idea for anyone and everyone to buy as many guns as they want. Today's ruling frightens me so much because in this case, it's clear that these men are in control of our country. I can only hope and pray that there will be physicians and other medical practitioners who will stand up to this.

And while I wish I could quote some medical practitioners of my own on this, that's pretty firmly against my personal blog rules. And they're all out actually practicing medicine, anyway.

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