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Sunday, October 08, 2006

On Foley

The best things I've read on the Foley scandal are Bitch PhD's analysis of the conservatives' attempt to invert the public and private spheres, and Hanne Blank's social critique putting Foley's bad behavior into perspective as a stinkpot being led by his dick, while recognizing our society's penchant for panic around anything which smacks of Teh Gay or Teh Teen Sex.

In public, everyone wants to talk about this man, from the NPR gurus commenting over and over on how ugly this political race and every other has gotten in the past month* to the knitters recalling their own young-professional ordeals trying to outrun the smarmy lech at the office. I get it, I really do. Foley is a dirty old man. If we're smart, we can examine this national obsession critically to learn something about our own culture. If we're even smarter, we'll stop giving Foley air time and start talking about the Military Commissions Act already.
*I heard this same report three days running on Morning Edition. "Local X race turns to mudslinging!" Is this really still news?


  • Bill Mahr had it best - Republicans take their deepest, darkest secrets and rail against them as morally perverse. If they weren't so sexually repressive, according to Mahr, Foley would have been living with his life-mate Steve in Falls Church, and wouldn't have to troll the internet.

    But who really cares, as long as we get to torture people.


    By Blogger Stockton & Tweed, at 8:01 AM  

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