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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who are you, again?

And what are you doing with a blog? I know that I've been blogging like it's going out of style (which is to say, never). It's not that there haven't been many blogworthy issues, but the real life I've been having gets seriously in the way of the online life. I got to converge the two this evening with Bitch. Ph.D and a few Chicago bloggers when I went out for a drink at that hallowed institution of academic drunkery: Jimmy's. We had another academic in BitchPhD area studies, and someone working professionally in reproductive issues, so there was interesting meandering conversation. There were even a couple of poly folks, so we had a plurality of blog topics covered, but sadly we didn't get to talk much about that. And I'm not sure about how much of the Bitch Area Studies talk should go up on the blog. So I'll just say: hey! We had fun!

In the women's/reproductive news: Plan B limps towards accessibility, with lots of political posturing along the way. Ema does a good job of untangling the truth from some of the misinformation that clouds most of this debate. In Chicago, we're more interested in what's happening with the Blue Line and its most recent derailment than about women's health issues. That might change in the next couple weeks, or it might not. We'll see.

I've been looking for things besides sexual health controversy to blog about, and I just can't find any other issues that I feel need to be covered so desperately. And in the absence of other posts about "place", I guess I'll just be getting that done. Please, if you want to tell us about what's going on in your city, shout out. Nobody's posting privileges have been revoked. But while I have the mike, until the menfolk come back and want to talk about election strategy, we're just going to keep the place warm as best we know how.


  • I think lots of us took the summer off.

    Nice to see the initial rumblings of a return to bloggin!

    By Blogger Stockton & Tweed, at 10:29 AM  

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