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The Tally Ho

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sore Winners

The White Sox win the division! Some fans are so excited that they will call up random strangers with the glad news; a friend of one of my coworkers called up the office, and when asked if she wanted to leave a message, began with "It's not important," and continued on to, "I-just-found-out-the-White-Sox-won-and-they're-in-the-playoffs, -and-I'm-so-excited-I-wanted-to-call-and-tell-her" with nervous giggles. I had no idea our Em was a Sox fan! WBEZ (local public radio) covered the win and the reaction of other Sox fans; sadly, they were more typical. There were four interviewees asked how they felt about the victory and what the chances were of a Sox World Series (I can't find a clip because it was a local news update, please forgive the paraphrase) and they went sumthin' like this:

1. I think it's great we won the division and Chicago has done something great... you know, those Cub fans say they're really Chicago fans, but if you look at them now, they don't look too happy. They hate to see us win.
2. This is excellent and I can't wait for the playoffs... the Sox are a great team, totally different from you get at Wrigley Field. This is real baseball. This is not the Cubs.
3. It's been a long drought and we're due for a win, due to go all the way... if you look at it, the two teams that have gone the longest without a Series are the Cubs, and then the Sox. The Cubs say they're cursed, but we're not cursed. We've just had bad teams.
4. (female) I know they're not gonna make it to the World Series, I know they're gonna choke, but I've still got to say, (whoo!) GO SOX!!

The rest of the quotes are reconstructed. The basic points of the four folks were, "Cubs hate us/Cubs suck/we're not cursed like the Cubs are/they're going to lose big, but go Sox!" These were the only four clips that were played. First, as a Cubs fan, I will say that I'm pleased. It's nice to have our town do something good, and the Sox really do have exceptional moments on the field. Sure, I mourn the Cubs' missed opportunities, but I do that every year and I'm used to it by now. I'm genuinely glad for the Sox. However, as for the rest:
1. Our field is WAY better than yours.
2. Have a little faith, would ya? If their own fans don't believe in them, their road will be rocky.
3. Your team is too cursed, even if you won't admit it. 1917? Black Sox, anyone? We got our curse from a goat. You got yours from foul play and bad karma. You've only made it worse by being bitchy fans since then.

Even Elwood was appalled, and he's a tough cookie. I'm not foolish enough to prognosticate on any particular players, but the Sox have got stellar skills as individual ball players. If they pull together as a team, there's no reason they can't make--and win--the Series. And I'm looking forward to watching every minute, as long as I don't have to do it in the Cell with a bunch of bitter, constipated fans.

I think I'll call up Em's friend and see if we can watch the game with her. Go, Widger!


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