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The Tally Ho

Monday, November 08, 2004

Whatever crumbs of hope I can find

I'm feeling a certain sense of somber relief in the election outcome--is this the last stage of grief? Anyway, it feels good to report on political issues that are not focused on the next Leader of the Free World. Perhaps, since the POTUS seems to have declined that position, we can turn some attention to what officeholder might become the new Leader. Clinton, as UN Sec-Gen?

But first, we need to figure out just who that Leader will be leading. The Kaiser Daily RH Report has posted the latest UN report on world population projections for 2300. They say, basically: "We don't have any idea how many people there will be!" Here's the long version.

Harvey Fierstein's OutTakes video clip, discussing gay marriage bans, is just excellent. You can also read the transcript from this link, but the monologue is much better. Little phrases from it have been rolling around in my mind all morning.


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