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The Tally Ho

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Our national pastime

I just wanted to share the warmth in my heart as I listen to Elwood and Steve recap the entire World Series, telling the same jokes and pointing out the same stats that we've been hanging onto for the last eight games. Yes, the Red Sox won the first World Series, and they won the hundredth. The Cubs are now the uncontested "curse" team. Curt Schilling really is a classy guy. Johnny saves. And though no one else is paying attention to him, I think that Bellhorn and Braid-Boy are goin' places.

There was a full lunar eclipse tonight, and some in our house were struck by the fact that during the dark of the moon the entire game froze (no runs for anybody) and the Sox got their last out just as the light was peeking back out onto the moon. That's the fun thing about baseball: all the stats and history and coincidences. It's easy to believe there's something mystical about it.

Rest in peace, Babe.


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