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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Oregon Ballots are out!

I got my official Oregon ballot in the mail this weekend. Oregon is a vote by mail state so every registered voter gets a ballot mailed to their home along with two rather large booklets full of voter information. The first publication was devoted to the 10 various constitutional measures ranging from medical marijuana to gay marriage to property issues. It first lists what exactly is written on the ballot for a yes or no vote. It then explains both pro and con views on each measure, how much it will cost the taxpayers (if any cost) and what the implications are for a no vote and for a yes vote. The second publication was devoted to the candidates for each race, who they are, what party are they representing and what do they stand for in regards to issues. Curiously enough, Dick Cheney was absent from this publication. Why you ask? This is from the local news station:
"Tracey Schmitt, western spokeswoman for the Bush-Cheney campaign, said the party in this case chose to only place a statement from Bush in to the pamphlet.

She said there was no deep campaign strategy afoot in their decision to not submit a separate pamphlet statement for Cheney, and pointed out that the vice president has campaigned frequently in Oregon.

Kevin Mannix, state Republican chairman, told The Oregonian that it was his guess that the Republican national campaign is focused on Bush and didn't see a need to send out any additional information on Cheney."

I will say that Oregon does a good job of informing the voter with those booklets. I never received anything like that from the Illinois State Government! I'll let you all know if this voting by mail thing is worth not having to go to the polls on November 2nd.


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