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The Tally Ho

Saturday, September 25, 2004

What Women Want

I am cross-posting Agnes' report on the BPWF:

In support of the lovely Trope's post regarding women voters (see "Security Moms II"), The Business and Professional Women's Foundation recently released survey results that address women's interests in the presidential election. For what it's worth, here is some of what they report:

Working women as voters
For political candidates who want to know “What do working women want?” this survey provides clear answers. Overwhelmingly, domestic issues take precedence over terrorism and international issues. When asked “which issues will influence your vote the most,” fully 79%choose “domestic issues such as joblessness and education” and only 21% choose “international issues such as terrorism and trade.”

• The choice of domestic issues over terrorism and trade held for working women of every political affiliation. Republican working women chose domestic issues by two to one over terrorism and trade (67% - 33%), Independents chose domestic issues four to one (79% - 21%) and Democratic working women split nearly seven to one (87% - 13%).
• Nearly nine out of ten (86%) said that Health Care Costs was of major importance while just under half (49%) said Homeland Security was of major importance. Homeland Security ranked well behind Health Care Costs, Retirement Security (80%), Job Opportunities (71%), Good Schools (66%), and Housing Costs (61%) in a list of issues “as to how important they are to you and your family.”

Thank you! I have not yet checked out their website but wish the candidates would.


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