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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Urban Sprawl is Bad For Your Health!

I read CNN mostly everyday and i'm not sure if I'm to trust them as a news source. But, this article entrigued me as I had heard a bit about it on NPR this morning. It pays to live in the city and not the vastly sprawling suburbs. At the end of the article it mentions that Portland is one of the top 5 major cities with the least amount of sprawl. I have an easy answer to why it's on there: Urban Growth Boundary! I had done a little research on this topic last year during my Environmental Law course. The boundary basically penalizes anyone who choses to build outside of the designated area. That still doesn't keep any sprawl from occurring but it definately reduces it. Oh, and there's no Walmart here because the store is too big (square footage). Plus, the hippies out here in Portland don't like the mega store. Fine by me, but I must admit, I do like those low, low prices! Too bad a third world country has to sell it's soul in order to produce goods for Walmart.


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