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The Tally Ho

Thursday, May 27, 2004

hello... i'm david

It seems the MTA here in New York is ready to ban cameras in the subway. Who’s going to document all the old lady-Elton John impersonating-Jewish folk song singing-subway performers, eh Steve? Of course this is all about the terrorists trying to take away our freedom, right? Even Mayor Bloomberg is against this and that guy hates kids so you know this is bunk.

Speaking of the Bloomberg… The mayor should reconsider his stance on denying a permit for the 29-August protest of the Republican National Convention (see United for Peace article). While I won’t participate in the protest one way or another in this protest I feel disgusted by this clearly partisan decision on the part of the mayor. Don’t get me wrong, I would protest but I’ll probably be on an airplane flying back from Texas to see my family and friends just before school starts. Wait a second! Plane back from Texas!?!? I wonder who my fellow travelers will be? Perhaps I will be protesting after all with a captive audience. I wonder if that sort of behavior is considered domestic terrorism and I got to wonder if cameras have been banned on flights too.

Gotta run. Going to catch Christian Fennesz and Keith Rowe at Tonic.


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