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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Cops, Cameras in NYC

Yesterday I came across this NYTimes article In a Shift, New York Says It Will Add 800 Officers. I am not against the addition of new police officers, and certainly am for reducing crimes of all kinds. Today the NY Daily News is reporting that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has ordered 505 surveillance cams. The results of such surveillance are questionable at best. While the cameras look to be coming from Homeland Security funds, the added police seem to be city funded. We are continuously told that NYC crime rates are lowering - and they are. But remember it wasn't that long ago the Mayor Bloomberg reduced the size of the police force - and crime still continued to drop. But two weeks ago a NY Times article discussed the lack of funding in public housing, thus introducing new fees to residents. I guess my larger point is that we paying a lot attention to security and safety but what about poverty, housing, wages - and other issues that exist in a city as expensive as ours?

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