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The Tally Ho

Sunday, March 05, 2006

From Harpers, with Pic

How many of you read Harper's? Well, the Harper's index may be worth the yearly $15 subscription price! Here are a few choice ones:
Average percentage decline in U.K. child injuries during weekends when a new Harry Potter book is released: -46

Percentage change since 1995 in the number of U.S. fantasy books about dragons: +91

Number of the 193 "laughing episodes" during Supreme Court arguments last term that were caused by Antonin Scalia: 77
Number caused by Clarence Thomas: 0

Minimum number of sex offenders who evacuated during Hurricane Katrina and cannot be accounted for: 2,000

Minimum number of times Frederick Douglass was beaten in what is now Donald Rumsfeld's vacation home: 25

Percentage of U.S. House contests in 2004 that were decided by few than 10 percentage points: 5

Number of U.S. counties where more than a fifth of "residents" are prison inmates: 21
Number of these that are in Texas: 10


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