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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Era of State Activism Cont.

This is a piece by Nathan Nemwan over at TPM Cafe is about how states have changed a WalMart national policy - this one dealing with the Illinois Governor and Connecticut A.G. Newman's point is
This victory reflects the power that states wield to change the policies of even the largest company in the country. This is also reflected in Wal-Mart's scrambling in recent weeks to upgrade health benefits for its employees as states move increasingly to require large companies to provide health benefits. And in many cases, workers denied overtime or minimum wages by Wal-Mart have used more favorable state labor laws to bring lawsuits against the company-- putting pressure on the firm to improve conditions.

The lesson from the various Wal-Mart campaigns is clear-- progressives don't have to wait for action on Capitol Hill to fight for and win national victories.

There was a Yahoo article that no longer exists from December 2003 which claimed that it will be the states bringing progressive reforms, not the federal government. That article, I believe, was based on Elliot Spitzer's job as New York A.G., as well as Lisa Madigan of Illinois.


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