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Thursday, February 23, 2006

CT-Sen: Lamont v. Lieberman and NOW vs. NARAL

I'm sure everyone is aware of what is about to pass in South Dakota, the criminalization of abortion. Personally I don't think this legislation is intended to ever become law, just a test, and I think it is doubtful that the SCOTUS will uphold it. Regardless, I flipped over to Kos on a break to see what is cooking on the good old blogosphere. I don't flip over too often, though I have noticed how there have been many support Ned Lamont posts in the upcoming primary against Sen. Lieberman. Personally, if I had money to give to a primary candidate in the 2006 primary season, Mr. Lamont would be one (Mr. Hackett would have been the other - bang up job Washington and Ohio Dems). I have also had several email discussions with Elwood about NARAL's support of Lincoln Chafee before the primary! - but I won't get into that. Back to the point, this post - CT-Sen: NOW gets it is an interesting one. I would love to hear our resident experts discuss this.

I'm torn regarding the filibuster. Justice Alito was going to be on the court. 55 GOPers marching in synch is too much to over come without Democrats getting Mr. Alito to come out and say that the Executive Branch has the authority to spy domestically without judicial review or that the Executive Branch can detain people as long as they want. Since the Democrats failed to accumulate enough no votes for cloture, the filibuster was more or less a symbolic gesture by the minority - that Justice Alito deserved more than a no vote. In any case, I think opposition to Sen. Lieberman obviously isn't about the Justice Alito vote, but a multitude of things - most notably carrying the water for Bushco. We need two things in the Senate right now, more votes for a Democratic Majority Leader and Democrats that don't carry the water for an unpopular Republican administration that has not yet proven they can effectively govern. In any case, its worth the read and check out the blog Kos links to.


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