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Monday, September 26, 2005

Brownie Back to do a Heckuva Job

I can't make this up. In great Bush Administration fashion, Brownie is back - this time as a consultant to help evaluate FEMA!
And, that's when it was revealed that FEMA had apparently rehired a former employee as a consultant. You might recognize his name, too - Mike Brown.

At a meeting with staff of the special House committee looking into Katrina preparations today, the disgraced and displaced former FEMA director said he had rejoined the agency as a consultant to "provide a review" of how the agency functioned before, during, and after the storm. This according to two congressional sources.

A congressional aide told NBC News nobody's sure - but it is assumed Brown is being paid by FEMA. He is to testify tomorrow before that House committee, prompting our colleague Howard Fineman to joke that only in Washington would a man on his way to the electric chair be paid to belt himself in.

But the timing - Brown's announcement to the staffers came just hours after the arrest of Sheehan in Washington for not having a permit to sit down rather than just march - suggests that the political tin ear is back in control at The White House.

Okay, I am going to start a contest. If you were a Congressman, what questions would you ask Mr. Brown aboutassessmentsments regarding FEMA's role in the Katrina cleanup. Congressman Wells (I-NY) wdefinitelyately ask him if in his review he concluded whether or not he should have been fired, and if they concluded whether or not actual disaster relief experience is needed."

Best question gets a beer. To be fair, Mr. Brown didn't hire himself, and in reality - yes BushCo shouldn't have nominated him - but the Senate who confirmed him is just as liable.


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