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The Tally Ho

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Barney Frank on Bill Maher

This is how behind I am, the following quote from Representative Barney Frank on Bill Maher, 11 March 2005
I've tried to keep count of how many marriages I've destroyed and I couldn't find any.

-Barney Frank

Yesterday they had on Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, the topic obviously oil drilling. If Gov. Murkowski is any indication of the mindset that the pro-ANWRers have, the idea of alternative fuels for automobiles is a goal or idea that will never be a serious conversation. Mr. Maher did make a decent point about ANWR not belonging to Alaska, but all of the United States citizenry, otherwise the word "national" would not be used. The thing with ANWR is that the vote last week was really to give it a line in the budget. Therefore, it is not something that cannot be filibustered. Please, someone correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe that is how it works. Seeing that the vote was 51-49, we lost. I wish there was a way to have come to a compromise regarding ANWR. If we are going to lose on drilling we need to be pushing/attaching efficiency issues, alternative fuels, pollution standards, etc. As Sen. Kerry said on the floor debate and during the campaign, we can't drill our way out of the looming energy problem. ANWR doesn't solve a damn thing - short term or long term. What is needed is a real energy policy, not the policy to keep oil companies in business - and like it or not at this point, with lack of real alternatives, big oil is part of any policy. So shouldn't there be an opposition energy policy instead of just saying "this is bad"?


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