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The Tally Ho

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Appropriate St. Patrick’s Day Story

During my undergraduate studies I once took a basic communication/speech course. If I remember correctly we had to give three speeches over the sixteen week semester. I’m sure one was a lame introductory, one on how to do something like bake brownies, and the last one would be informative. I specifically remember a few. I, of course, babbled about The Prisoner as the greatest show ever – but that was before reading a lot of critical theory, now I know it’s the best ever. Anyway, another was about how Jesus was a black man and the European representations and subsequent religious politics involved. Lastly, which is a story if you hang around me long enough you would have heard, was a student discussing tattoos. This student gave a very informative talk regarding tattoos as art work and the many factors that influence an individual’s decision when choosing a tattoo. This student concluded the speech by using herself as an example. The student decided to get a tattoo of a four leaf clover, as she explained, was to celebrate Irish heritage and how much it meant to her. The professor winced for a minute and then sat back until she concluded her speech. It was customary for the professor to offer the critique in front of the class. He concluded his feedback by informing this young woman that there are no four leaf clovers in Ireland and that the shamrock was Irish and had three cloves. I couldn’t tell is she thought he was joking or if she was just horrified. Seeing this, the professor tried to convince her to not hack off a clove and that it was a good speech. Lesson: before getting a tattoo, go to the library. Ever wonder how many people that chose Asian characters or tribal symbols for tattoos know exactly what it means?

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