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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Vacationing without Big Hair and Beer

So my four day vacation was all that I expected. In keeping with this past years tradition, leaving New York was a chore. My 8am on Thursday my noon flight was already an hour late. This was a blessing in disguise as there was no chance I was catching that one on time. However, this airline was trying their best to make sure all of us connectors would make it to O'Hare on time, and seeing how they must have a flight leaving for O'Hare from LaGuardia on the hour they moved us up to what was the 10am flight, which left after one-thirty. Of course we sat on the plane for an hour, despite being in a rush. As usual I met an interesting chap on the flight, an architect who described his work as creating ugly buildings that don't match older buildings and designing lame clubs for the beautiful people that are too fabulous. As far as he was concerned, clients aren't willing to pay for good architecture (as if they would know it if they saw it) and cities don't get the job done in regards to preservation and taste. And the cherry on top was he thought Manhattan prices were crazy and the Westside stadium project is a load of crap. Both are very true, and to show how much power the average man has in such issues, despite the need for more housing, and more affordable housing in Manhattan, corporations and labor unions will probably get their stadium and the public with pay for it. In any case, I land in O'Hare and am told to rush to my connecting flight to Madison. I get to the Mad-town gate and they seem to be waiting for me. Of course once I board we are notified that the luggage machine is broken and we sit there for another hour, an interesting wait considering it is about a twenty minute flight. Upon landing in Madison we can't exit the plane as neither flight attendant knows how to open the door. But within the following hour I was consuming a fantastic stout at one of the many fabulous brew pubs (The Angelic, The Great Dane, J.T. Whitney's - and this doesn't count New Glarus and Capital Brewery) that have successfully kept the population intoxicated for many decades. After one sip my comment was, "God I love Madison." Poncho (J) has fun hobbies and a great lifestyle.

After several days of tremendous food (including fresh Tuna), many adult fermented beverages, shopping, and the new Battlestar Galactica (which I will never see as they are giving it a Firefly time slot, who is home on Friday night when libations are to be had while attempting to meet interesting people?), it was off to Chicago where I drank at a Belgium beer bar, went to a hippy church that was about social justice and doing good as opposed to making one feel as if they are good, took in a show of TMLMTBGB (fellow New Yorkers, we must attend), ate at Iggy's next to a really drunk and really annoying college aged girl who made a vomitus mess in the bathroom, and last but not least, watched a flick that included Angelina Jolie and her many firearm accessories (for example). Elwood bitched passionately, and convincingly, about jury duty. Trope and M did their respective things.

I recently received a grant to study weather or not big hair is in fact making a comeback. So far my study, Fear Itself: The Return of Big Hair, I have found that it has not infiltrated blue urban America. As I don't really care what goes on in the burbs at the present, I advise that panicking is not yet neccessary.

One thing I did find interesting is how I took three flights on my vacation, and neither were full. Twice I had my own row, and once there was no one between me and the other passenger. While priced as if a discount airline, it was not. I realize that after the holidays is not traditionally a peak travel time, but I wonder how they come close to meeting costs. It is amazing that we constantly bail out airlines while endlessly and mindlessly pump tax dollars into airports and highways but consistently whine about rail which receives a fraction of the subsidy. Also, I don't think I should have to pay full ticket price when the in house entertainment includes pieces on NASCAR and golf.

After taking a few days off from the news I returned to see that Iraq is still FUBAR and BushCo. seems hell bent on exploiting similar fears and anxieties and push unnecessary Social Security reforms. I think the Administration has too goals. First, as the social security reform debate heats up it will consume media cycle after media cycle and temporarily push the horrible news coming our of Iraq to a higher numbered page. Seeing as how it looks doubtful at the moment that the Bush Administration will be able to actually get anything beyond minor tinkering, why are they making such a fuss on a potentially politically devastating defeat? It seems to have united the Democratic opposition while the Republicans seem divided. So second, perhaps they are trying to show, even if it is very small, progress on domestic policy. Lets pretend they do get something, it will undoubtedly be very expensive and overall about as popular as the rest of their policies.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best thus far. Too bad Cuaron is not directing the next. Much better than the two previous films. Oh yeah, and why haven't the Cubs done anything this offeason?


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