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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sick Shit of the Day / Iraq

Sandra Laville's article in the Guardian, Survivor, 12, feared kidnapped in Thailand, states that officials fear that Kristian Walker has been kidnapped from the hospital.
Kristian was on holiday with his mother Madelaine and her boyfriend Carl Axel von Platen and his two siblings, Anna, 7, and David, 14. The couple are missing, but the two children survived and are back home in Stockholm with their father.

Mr Walker said police had told him that similar kidnappings had taken place near Khao Lak and the kidnappers may have been taking advantage of the chaos after the tsunami to try to fly Kristian to another country without a passport.

A doctor at the hospital, which is three miles outside the beach resort of Khao Lak, told the Expressen newspaper that she remembered seeing Kristian outside a treatment room after the disaster. He had suffered bruises and cuts but seemed to be otherwise in good health...

...Fears are growing that Kristian Walker has been taken by those involved in the sex trade in Phuket.

Yesterday on Morning Edition they discussed the exploitation of children. The link can be found here. What would the mornings terrible news be without a dispatch from Iraq? It seems as almost every morning an article like this one is found in the headlines - 20 killed in a car bomb, but thats not all
In another attack Wednesday, gunmen killed Iraqi police Col. Khalifa Hassan and his driver as they headed to work in the restive city of Baqoubah, 30 miles northeast of Baghdad, Dr. Ahmed Fouad of the Baqoubah General Hospital said.

Also, four Iraqi civilians were killed and two others were injured when U.S. soldiers opened fire after their convoy was attacked by rocket-propelled grenades in central Ramadi, 60 miles west of Baghdad, according to Dr. Riyad al-Hiti of the Ramadi hospital. The U.S. military had no immediate information about the incident.

A U.S. soldier belonging to Task Force Olympia was killed and two were wounded after their patrol was attacked with small arms and rocket propelled grenade fire Tuesday afternoon in Tal Afar in northern Iraq, the U.S. military said Wednesday.

Five other U.S. servicemen died in three separate attacks on Tuesday, making it the deadliest day for the U.S. military in Iraq since the suicide bombing at a mess tent in Mosul on Dec. 21, an attack that killed 22 people including 14 U.S. soldiers and three American contractors.

More unnecessary loss of life...


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