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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sen. Reid & The Army of Denial

First of all, have you seen Democrats.gov? I wish Sen. Reid's rapid response and organization was available during the Democratic Primary. Sen. Daschle was always said to be a great parliamentarian, but the Democratic message under his leadership in the Senate seemed to be constantly muted out over the last two cycles. I am glad that it is Reid and Durbin running the Senate now. As for the Senate, Dr. Rice and Judge Gonzalez will be confirmed - there just are not enough swing votes on the other side of the aisle to make the Administration withdraw their support - and if it does get to that point Dr. Rice is the President's higher priority. But in both cases the hearings, for the Democrats, have been a platform for continued discussion on this administration's failed Iraq policies. While the GOP apparently will never make anyone accountable for the lobby to get us into Iraq and the torture of prisoners, it will be present.

My new housemate definitely voted for Bush, and I could tell the Faux News brainwashing has taken place as he called Democrats "obstructionist" and referred to social security privatization as a "moral." Said it will go bankrupt and we should do something now. The idea that the plan was bad, expensive, and not practical seemed to be lost on him. This seems to be the new Republican. And like my relative that was active in Democratic politics and civil rights in the 50s and 60s, he is a registered Democrat - only I think my relative does not really believe it after the last four years.

Bush was hitting his talking points this morning, and they seem to be willing to jump head first into this social security "reform" thing. He also talked about liberty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine - and I took it as not only trying to justify this debacle that is Iraq, but that the US is not opposed to moving it to another theatre - which has been well reported. Mr. Bush was also defending Dr. Rice!, our next Secretary of State whether you like it or not, about being a supporter of Democracy. They, at least publically, have no intention of changing policy - but pushing those most responsible into positions of more authority. Strong & Wrong....

Update: Gonzalez just made it through committee on party lines. Dr. Rice was confirmed.

More: Christine Todd Whitman is on the Leonard Lopate show now. She is talking about these new Republicans and their silly litmus tests – specifically regarding embryonic stem cells and restricting civil rights (FMA). She just said that Barry Goldwater would be a moderate in today’s political system – he was pro-choice and not against gays in the military. Ms. Whitman then quoted Reagan about how you don’t become or maintain the majority party by surrounding yourself with people that totally agree with you. I am considering buying her book for my relative that is on the fence about the modern Republican party but could never really bring himself to vote Democratic. I think the 2008 GOP primary will be interesting. Check out the archieve here later in the day.


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