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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Re: Snow, et al

Trope writes:
I'm also feeling a twinge of guilty fun while thinking about everyone on the east coast who's suffering through it as I type. Enjoy it, guys. We got the first course, so don't go complaining that we never share.

I actually thought that the storm was a blast. It hit New York on Saturday morning so I decided to run some errands before it got messy. Everywhere I went was met with long times, except when upgrading my cell phone and plan thanks to the discount I get for my job. Later in the day one a housemate and his girlfriend made split pea soup and we had an intoxicating dinner party with neighbors. A few hours later after internet shopping, more wine, chocolate, music, and a positive experience with an inversion table – four of us decided to go for a walk (around 1ish, and the snowing had mostly stopped). The roads were covered with enough slush that cabbies were sparse and the sidewalks that were not mostly cleared were covered with light fluffy snow.

Our neighborhood was beautiful while under a blanket of snow. On our hike we encountered more dog walkers than automobiles. For the first time ever since I moved to this apartment I heard no noise from the street – everything stopped but the four of us, dog walkers, and this random guy that walked out of a bar and jumped in a snow bank. It was fantastic – and it was a weekend. As a non-driver who is not responsible for any shoveling, I wouldn’t mind this a few times in the winter – especially if my closest subways remain unaffected!

By the way, Abbey Road is a good album…


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