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The Tally Ho

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cub Talk

So the Cubs traded Sammy Sosa to the Baltimore Orioles, both teams got what they wanted. The Cubs got rid of a club house problem and the Orioles received a power hitting right fielder in their futile quest to supplant either the Yankees or Red Sox in the AL East. The best they can do is to cause enough of a problem that the BoSox or Yanks will have to sweat out a Wild Card spot. What I find interesting is how these two teams are in the best two divisons of baseball, the AL East and NL Central, and this move doesn't really put either closer to the playoffs.

In the AL East the Yankees upgraded their starting pitching and added a leadoff hitter. The Red Sox smartly decided against overpaying for Pedro and Derek Lowe and instead freed up money to have depth and deals in the starting rotation - not to mention fix future holes. Not to mention signing the best free agent shortstop, Edgar Renteria. The Cubs however, had a different approach. Sure, they signed Nomar to a one year contract and resigned Todd Walker - but they let Moises Alou go and failed to acquire another power hitter to replace Sosa. Unless the Cubs sign Mags Ordonez or are forced to overpay for Jeremy Burnitz, the Cubs lose 186 RBIs, 74 HRs, in 281 games. In any case, the Cubs play in the NL Central - they need a power guy in the center of the line-up, and you can't trade Prior, Zambrano, or Wood to do it.


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