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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Are you going to vote?

was the question a BBC reporter asked a taxi cab driver in Palestine. The driver had every intention of voting, and at this point was undecided. When asked who do you think will win he responded, "Abbas; because he is Bush's guy." This is both good and bad. Good that the cabbie is excited about voting but bad because a feeling already exists that Mr. Bush is choosing the next leader - that behind this election is a hand picked leader. I found the report interesting. But BushCo just keeps failing. Last year the disaster in Iran, the US could have been on the frontlines of that terrible disaster. It would have been right, and good for their administrations image. This year BushCo could have been on the front lines of the tsunami tragedy on the 26th. It looks now as if they have been embarrased into the level of aid that they pledged.

I am traveling the next few days and of course my flight is already delayed an hour. Everytime I travel this happens. I must just accept that I am not meant to leave Manhattan. There has been a lot that I have wanted to post, but honestly the news is so depressing lately, and with the possibility of Mr. Bush losing behind us, we have four more years of this.

I hope someone posts more of the tougher questions asked Gonzales today. I still really wish that Bernard Kerik would have made it to a hearing. One of my fondest political memories was the Clarence Thomas hearings - specifically the questions by Strom Thurmond. "Judge Thomas, have you have ever referred to yourself, or any part of yourself, as 'Long Dong Silver?'" I can't remember if that was the exact question, or a comedic spin on it - but I was in a car driving to Chicago and the hearing the was much more entertaining than anything I had learned in a civics course. I am sure that Stockton and Tweed will provide us with some laughs about todays hearing.

BTW, Senator Barbara Boxer is going to formally object to the acceptance of Ohio's Electoral Votes this afternoon.


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