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The Tally Ho

Friday, December 10, 2004

My Three Favorite Things

Amazingly I feel better today. This week has been a series of sleepless cold infused days with random goodness mixed in with Eeyore moments. It all started when ABC had some Mitch Albom (see below) made for TV movie on instead of Desperate Housewives. But keeping with the gloomy weather, I present my three favorite Topics at the moment. ANWAR, Wal-Mart, Iraq!

Deadly shipwreck now a major Alaska oil spill
Thousands of gallons of heavy bunker fuel and diesel spilled from a soybean freighter that was ripped clean in half off the shore of Unalaska Island. Near a wildlife refuge 800 miles southwest of Anchorage, the area is home to sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, tanner crabs, halibut and kelp beds.

Kurt Fredriksson, acting commissioner for the Department of Environmental Conservation, said it was not known how much fuel had leaked, but called it a major spill that could take months to clean up.

“You’ve got bunker oil streaming from a ship that’s broken in half,” he said. “We are in winter and in a very difficult Aleutian Island environment that will put everybody to the test.”

If they open up ANWAR, because you know more drilling is the answer to an a non renewable energy source - not to mention that pipelines cannot be defended as seen in Iraq, I can't wait to read about this happening in ANWAR... check out the photo, the ship broke in half! Anyone want to bet on how old the ship is, or the condition prior to breaking in half? When my buddy worked for the Department of the Interior he use to sign his emails "Dispatches from the Department of Oil and Mining."

So yesterday Brian Lehrer had two good pieces. First is titled "Bentonville Comes Calling", and is about how Wal-Mart plans to open a store in Rego Park by 2008. Not just any store, but a 135,000 square foot store. Later on in the show State Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin discussed why it will be bad for Queens. Why in the world would anyone want Wal-Mart in NYC? But this is not surprising considering Home Depot has at least one "urban" store in Manhattan now. Click to watch the PBS Frontline on Wal-Mart. Second piece was titled "Gin Rummy" based on Mr. Rumsfeld being confronted by a few soldiers earlier this week. These pieces can be heard here.

But fear not friends, it is Friday and we have Condi!

Oh yeah, check out Bill in Portland's Cheers and Jeers Anniversary Special


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