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The Tally Ho

Monday, December 13, 2004

I Like my Conservatives Isolationist

So Friday night before I bathed in Chimay I attended a panel discussion that featured Jodi Jacobson, Executive Director of the Center for Health and Gender Equity. The part that I found most disturbing was Sen. Frist having to be asked multiple times by George Stephanopoulos to confirm that you will not be infected with AIDS by sweat or tears. He is a doctor, he should know better - so why (other than I think he will be in the 2008 GOP primary)? This has also been covered by Wonkette, at Tom Paine and LiberalOasis. The right wing influence in Washington and in our international agencies are gaining strength. Speaking of which, relating to the title of the post, I like my conservatives isolationist. As Ms. Jacobson said, Bush's AIDS plan which isn't too helpful has giving the administration three things it desires. First, pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of profit. Second, the United States gets to wear the mantle of world AIDS leader despite the problems in their proposals. Third, the Bush Administration is getting to push their ideology throughout international agencies. The latter I find most dangerous. So went for the Belgian smile.

So its the holiday season and shopping for gifts is such a pain. But David and I learned something helpful on Saturday. We know someone who, as rumor has it, apparently likes the white powder.* And here we thought all this person did was sew and bake. It explains a lot, and makes the holiday shopping easier. Mirror $5. Razor blade $.50. Excessive baked goods and mittens, priceless. Then again, we were surrounded by hipsters and playing with a remote control car (white elephant gift) while enjoying several Magic Hats.**
*Our investigators have since disproved this rumor.
**Our investigators have notified us that this may have been the source of the rumor and that no one really wants to read this witless prattle.


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