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The Tally Ho

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dana Milbank/Juan Williams

This morning I heard a fantastic On The Media piece with the Washington Post's Dana Milbank. He is leaving the White House press corps, and discussed his last few years. When asked what he will do in the morning now, he replied "start drinking." I am pretty sure he was at TNR and WSJ before the Washington Post.

I just figured out this morning that I can download all of my favorite shows that I missed during the week to my Ipod and listen to them on the subway if I so choose.

Juan Williams has been bashed a bit by those on the center-left over his some of his coverage. Both yesterday on CSPAN and today on Faux, err, Fox News I have watched Juan Williams. In both shows Mr. Williams said that this years biggest losers were neo-Conservatives and that they are losing influence by the day in Washington (this is with Bill Kristol sitting next time him) - and nationally as less than 50% of Americans now believe that Iraq was worth it. While Brit Hume pontificated that the insurgency would fail, Mr. Williams said a civil war was very possible.


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