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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I had this crazy idea in my head that my Thanksgiving traveling, would somehow be free of my usual travel headaches. My morning went way too smoothly. I got up late, had breakfast, checked email, caught the bus wicked late, no lines at the airport - and it actually left on time (something that never happens between New York City and Chicago)! However, upon our decline into O'Hare I looked out the window to find driving ice (not driving rain), nasty winds, puddles of slush, and a very hard landing that happened after three bounces - and it did end up late. So as I am waiting to exit the plane to and head over to my connecting flight, my phone tells me that I have a message. It is from the airline telling me that my connection is canceled due to weather. Was I upset? Absolutely not! After my summer travels which consisted of all delayed flights, one for 8 hours, a flight with a fight between a passenger and a flight attendant, a run in with Midwestern Amtrak, this was nothing. The beauty of being stranded in Chicago for Thanksgiving is that it is Chicago! Even better is that I am going to be drinking whiskey with Elwood and Trope all night. Thai food down the street. Best damn Turkey day possible. My suggestion: If traveling from East to West, go through Chicago and hope your flight gets canceled.

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