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The Tally Ho

Friday, November 05, 2004

Sosa, or No Sosa?

Moving away from politics, what is in store for the Cubs? Question 1: Sammy Sosa. Is this relationship too strained to continue? Is he still worth the money? The Cubs have to make a decision on how much they are willing to spend on resigning Nomar Garciaparra (31 years old) or going after Edgar Renteria or Orlando Cabrara, Carlos Beltran (27) will cost a lot if they land him, and do they attempt to trade for Alfonso Soriano (28) - or stick with either Todd Walker (31) or Mark Grudzielanek (34). Then comes the question of the bullpen.

Assuming everyone comes back and Todd Walker is the everyday second baseman, the starting line-up will be 30.4 years old. So while adding Soriano or Beltran does in fact make the team stronger, it also makes it younger.

As for the BoSox, the questions seem to be focused around their starting pitching. Do you bring back Pedro Martinez and possibly overpaying? Regardless, do the Sox try and sign Carl Pavano? Derek Lowe? As for the rest of the roster, I think it is more than probable that they Mientkiewicz, Reese, and Roberts. Can they resign Cabrara and move him to third for the '06 season?


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