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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Senate News/New York Gubernatorial Race '06

As was likely, and as Jen wrote, Harry Reid will be minority leader - with a few positives and negatives. A big positive is Illinois Senator Richard Durbin as minority whip.

Also, Charles Schumer is now on the powerful Senate Committee on Finance, thus you can probably remove his name from consideration in the New York Governors race. New York being a patron state - this is important. This avoided a potential nasty primary with current New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer. It is unclear if Governor Pataki will run again (at least I haven't heard anything), but either way I think Mr. Spitzer is the best candidate and probably win. Pataki's future seems unclear though. With the direction the GOP is going, I doubt he has a place nationally. But how much opposition will Mr. Spitzer have? Not from Democrats, but as AG he took on Wall Street and now he is going after the insurance industry. Campaigns involve raising a lot of money. So will these groups lock Mr. Spitzer out of the fund raising, donate a much larger sum to his challenger, or be smart with their bets? After all, chances are very good he is the next Governor of New York State.


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