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The Tally Ho

Monday, November 29, 2004

Non caffeinated Monday Morning Thought

Screw 'till we're blue, as its been called. For decades people have been moving to the burbs, spreading South and West, and reproducing conservatism as they go. Now they have all the power. All this talk about controlling the media spin, starting think tanks, careers in education, framing the issues, the Southern lowlands, the culture war, etc. is only good for the short term. The long term solution is more radical. The long term solution is to out reproduce our conservative brothers and sisters. It is correct to say that our single branched plan for a long term left center progressive political domination is a complete and utter lack of family planning while ignoring environmental concerns. Okay, be wise, but breed within your means. While I realize that many of us do not want to undermine our diaperless lifestyles that include such wonderful things as sushi, whiskey, dinner with friends, live music on a Tuesday, not having to clean baby vomit off our clothes, and much, much more. But we can cut back on our mindless consumerism that drives our quest for cushy lifestyles and create a real grassroots political movement!

So ladies and gentleman, free yourself of birth control. It is never too early to get involved in the 2024 and 2028 election cycle!

This 2024 Democratic voter could be yours!

*A product of a caffeine deprived Monday morning.


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