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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More on the Cultural War: from the Left

Last night on Bill Maher, yes the one with Andrew Sullivan, during his segment is says the following:
[Picture of Bush] Stop saying that you have an agenda, it’s a series of laws that your corporate donors requested.

[Showing an election map] After reconsidering, 140 years too late, you can leave and take Texas with you. Its not that I don’t understand there values, I don’t share them… When blow jobs are more important than job-jobs, there is a problem…

Maher's last comment was something about a fetus that I didn't quite catch. Jason sent me this link to the latest Savage Love. The question was:
I am sunk into a depression over the election results. I started out Anyone But Bush, but I actually came to like John Kerry, which makes his defeat even harder. I feel like I'm looking at four years of prison, and like I share this country with a pack of baboons. Everywhere I look, I see that smug bastard's picture, and I am filled with grief.
A Freaked Fan

And part of his answer was:
Back to you, AFF. Provided we don't all leave, here's how we get through a second Bush term: For at least the next four years, American lefties, artists, and queers should not consider this land our land. It is not a land of opportunity that spreads from sea to shining sea. No, we live on a chain of islands, an archipelago, not a continent. Sane people live on our islands—New York, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Madison, Austin, Boston, and on and on; basically all the cities, in red states and blue, that voted for Kerry—and we may not be the majority right now, and it may feel like sea levels are rising. But, hey, we own all the best real estate. We've got the cities, the Northeast, the Midwest, and the West Coast. And what have they got? The Wal-Marts, the West Virginias, the Alabamas, the McMansions, and the mega-churches. Fuck 'em. Let 'em have that crap. We'll fight the fuckers in two years during the midterm elections and take back Congress. And we'll take 'em on again in four years and take back the White House. In the meantime, enjoy island life.

I don't expect the culture war to go anywhere for the time being. Not only out of frustration, but it has been so very effective.


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