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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kerry "Fired Up"

The Washington Post's Mike Allen has an article today titled "Fired Up" Kerry Returning to Senate. Allen writes
Aides said Kerry is relishing the prospect of renewed combat with President Bush, fighting such measures as the president's proposal to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Kerry has spent most of the past two years on the campaign trail, meaning that his return to Capitol Hill will be something of a reintroduction to colleagues.

Kerry's plans contrast starkly with the approach taken by former vice president Al Gore, who all but disappeared from the political scene after losing to Bush in the disputed 2000 presidential election.

Kerry fueled talk about a 2008 bid during remarks at a Washington restaurant Saturday night. He provoked a thunderous reaction by reminding about 400 campaign aides and volunteers that Ronald Reagan twice sought the Republican nomination for president before winning it in 1980.

"Sometimes God tests you," Kerry told the crowd at H20, a restaurant on the Potomac waterfront, according to an aide. "I'm a fighter, and I've come back before."

Further down the article discusses the internal battle: ABB vs. Kerry, New Voice vs. Old Voice, and the message - James Carville adds
Carville said that the party's concern about interest groups had resulted in "litanies, not a narrative."

"The party needs a narrative," he said. adding later that one possibility would to become "an aggressively reform, anti-Washington, anti-business-as-usual party."

I am happy about this. Not the part about having an eye on 2008 (Is there a Senator or Governor that doesn't have an eye on the Presidency?), but the "relishing the prospect of renewed combat with President Bush." Sen. Reid is taking over as Senate Minority leader, and is said to be non-combatative. How vocal will he be? Democrats don't need a frontrunner for 2008, but they need someone, or a group, repeating that narrative, from day one to be a vocal opponent of the Bush Administration Agenda - and Sen. Kerry isn't fading away like Al Gore did in 2000. The counter policies are already there. It also seems that Howard Dean is considering the DNC Chair (including Harold Ickes) - if so, voices will be there. Regardless of how one feels about Mr. Dean or Mr. Kerry, there are potential voices and they are household names. As it has been suggested numerous places though, let the Republicans drown themselves. As Mr. Carville always says, if your opponent is drowning throw them an anvil. I can't imagine support will be there for further driving up the debt, an economy that doesn't create jobs, continued increased health care costs and education costs without an increase in wages, etc., but then again I thought we would be talking about the Democratic cabinet and the future of the GOP. So, who knows. Both Mr. Carville and Sen. Kerry are correct, we need a message and cotinued debate.


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