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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Its that Time.

That was a great story below by Trope. Tonight I experienced something similar with and the election. I got home from work, threw my bag down, grabbed a slice for dinner and headed to the closest phone bank. I knew it would be busy because this place is always hopping and tonight was no different. There wasn't even room to sit and use my cell phone! So I decided to work on local GOTV - passing out Democratic voter guides and helping first time voters locate their polling stations. What surprised me was how many minors had anti-Bush buttons and pro-Kerry buttons, many homemade. When I would ask if they needed to look at a sample ballot, most regretted not being able to participate. Like the story Trope told, several were for Bush, but most were definitely not. All we could do is tell them to make sure and register to vote on their 18th birthday and to stay out of trouble so they never lose this right. After seeing what the daily volunteers do, how much time and money they have given, I have nothing but respect for them. Do not, ever, mock the efforts of these people. Do not tell them that it doesn't matter. Sunday night we were calling a conservative part of Ohio. One of the best conversations I had was with a self described "W man". He didn't hang up on me. He told me that he appreciate my call because he knew that "you people on both sides work so hard", and that is what he respected. That call made my night. These calls were purely get out the vote, not persuasive. So I was not able to tell him that I have been and enthusiastic supporter of Senator Kerry’s run for the White House even before he officially announced. I think the debates, and the Senator’s history gives us a good indication that we will have a strong, intelligent, and thoughtful President. And I think he probably assumed that this is what I believe.

Feeling anxious about this election? Don't. Don't worry, get active. It is not too late to watch polls, help voters, and make calls. I am sure that all day call banks will be hitting Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa - and as the polls close in the central time zone I am sure they will be calling Oregon and Hawaii. It is only 7pm in Hawaii right now. I am sure the call banks will be trying to see who needs rides to the polls for another 2 hours. So, if you want to pitch - there is still time.

Looking at all of the polls, its about as close as it could possibly be. I do think we will have a President Kerry, and Tony from NAAS called me tonight to invite me to the President Kerry inauguration in January 2005. I wasn't available to take his call, but I certainly will accept his offer. But I think one thing is clear, it is the GOTV operations that will decide the winner. I understand Trope's fear of not knowing who will occupy the White House come January by the time we retire to our beds in the wee hours Wednesday morning, but hold guarded optimism that we will. I leave you with this (use the comment section for predictions).



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