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The Tally Ho

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Its Not All Politics

I realize that the election has taken over other cultural and regular life type blogging. It is expected as we begin to fully realize that we are stuck with four more years with Mr. Bush at the helm with his gigantic 51% mandate, knowing full well that the opposition offered what we thought was superior policies. But there is a lot more to life. Here are some examples:

  • Elwood wanted to know the proper pronunciation of cepiatone, starting his voice mail with the phrase “hey, photoboy...”
  • I received a letter and questionnaire from the United States Office of Personnel Management informing me that they are investigating (which is routine) a friend that applied for a gig and I am a reference (which I agreed to). This is great, we need good federal employees. I decided to make two copies, one that is serious and one that reaches total absurdity that I will mail to this person hoping it doesn’t induce heart failure.
  • I bought a better bed, but I didn’t buy a new frame as I am way too cheap to consider it at this time. Therefore I made a make shift one, without using any time life books or duct tape.
  • Tony & Terra are having a baby! My friends are reproducing – and their new heated (not really) discussions involve what music is to be pumped into her womb. I hear Terra prefers the pixies – I’m sure Tony wants to introduce it/her/him to the Smoking Popes.
  • Nick has accepted a job in NYC and will be morning here with his soon to be wife in the summer.
  • Mr. Bush’s reelection has not yet negatively affected the price of wine, whiskey, and those several highly underrated American beers.
  • A housemate is cooking with goat cheese and Lamb as I type.
  • I am becoming mildly intoxicated, thus mildly goofy.
  • The new Atlantic Monthly arrived on Tuesday, Foreign Affairs last week
  • Tomorrow is Friday. I love my fair city.
  • NAAS finally has a comment section
  • The best holiday, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner
  • NYC says, "Bring on those FCC fines!"
  • Only four more years…

Feel free to add your own.


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