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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Court Panel Recommends NYC Receive...

...$23 Billion In School Funding

A court-appointed panel on Tuesday recommended New York City’s public schools receive an additional $23 billion in funding by 2010 in response to a landmark lawsuit.

Under the proposal issued by the three special masters, the city’s Department of Education will get a steadily increasing amount of money for its operations budget over the next four years: $1.41 billion in the first year; $2.82 billion in the second year; $4.22 billion in the third; and $5.63 billion in the fourth.

At the same time, the state would kick in nearly $2 billion more each year for capital improvements over five years...

...Governor George Pataki says he's not convinced the panel's recommendations are sound. His office released a statement saying: “We are particularly concerned that the recommendations appear to reject any type of real reform and fail to overhaul the current accountability system, while recommending a substantial infusion of new spending."

The court appointed the three-member panel in the summer after the state Legislature and Pataki failed to agree on education funding reform. Last year, the state’s highest court ruled that the state’s funding formula shortchanges the city’s public school students.


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