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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


No, Condi! is not a dramedy on NBC. Condi! is a reality show and an alumnus of the Hoover Institute, the National Security Advisor and the soon to be Secretary of State. But Dr. Rice has not been without her own controversy. Glenn Kessler and Thomas E. Ricks write in the Washington Post
But Rice's management of the interagency process has been lagging, according to Rothkopf and former and current officials. In part, this is because Rice not only had to manage two powerful Cabinet members with sharply different views -- Powell and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld -- but also to deal with a player distinctive to the Bush administration: Vice President Cheney, who weighs in on every major foreign policy question...

..Throughout the first term, policies on such critical issues as dealing with North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs have remained mired in disagreement, and officials said Rice never seemed to drive the process to a resolution. Officials on both sides of the administration's debate over North Korea faulted Rice for failing to fashion a coherent approach to dismantling North Korea's nuclear program.

Dr. Rice may think King George II is her husband, he isn't. As William Branigin writes for the Washington Post

Known as one of President Bush's closest confidants, Rice reportedly shares his deeply religious nature, joining him often in prayer. She is also an avid football fan and has said her dream job would be commissioner of the National Football League.

But I think before Dr. Rice can take her dream job, she will be on the short list to be Senator Bill Frist's running mate in 2008. At the moment one thing seems certain, President Bush is consolidating his power. But I think Dr. Rice may be around a while.


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