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Monday, November 15, 2004

BBC: Powell Resigns

So, who replaces Secretary Powell?

BBC Options: Condi Rice or former Missouri Senator John Danforth. Dr. Rice would be interested in the job, but U.N. Abassador Danforth is the politically smart pick. He will have little trouble with confirmation. Before Iraq turned into a quagmire, remember when Paul Wolfowitz was mentioned as a replacement? Not anymore.

Powell Political Epitaph: "irrelevant"

Jay Street of Time added on the Brian Lehrer Show that Sec. Powell was never really trusted by Republicans while Democrats looked at him as the lone hope within the administration. Also says that it is an open secret that he is unhappy about the misleading evidence in his UN Speech and always lost battles with Sec. Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney. Also, foreign leaders realized that he did not speak for the White House. Mr. Street also added that NSA Rice was more interested in the CIA than State.

Update: CNN is reporting Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham is stepping down. As a Senator didn't he propose a bill to get rid of the energy department?


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