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The Tally Ho

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sunday Morning

On the Media was good as usual. One story basically said that CBS News is rather useless (no pun intended) until after the election thanks to Rathergate. As you know they killed showing a story about how the US got itself into Iraq. James Fallows thought Kerry was as good as he had seen him in debates while Bush was way off. He mentioned that Bush now is in an interesting situation... not too disimilar from Gore in 2000. Gore came out too aggressive in the first debate, too passive in the second, and finally got it right on the third. But the larger story was Gore being different in all three debates. Also discussed was the Afghan elections and how arguably there are not every 10 million eligible voters in the nation.

Scanning through the lists of Democratic guests on the Sunday morning talk shows, it looks like mostly campaign people. But I would be interested to see ABC's this week where Condi Rice and the next Secretary of State Richard C. Holbrooke both appeared. You can't beat Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm... and not fully utilized surrogate Howard Dean was on CNN. I still think Dean has much to offer - mostly by questioning the media's spin and their selection of stories to cover. He asked Wolf Blitzer point blank why they weren't covering the NY Times story about how the prison abuse in Abu Ghraib is not being covered (or this story!). Told Mr. Blitzer that he sounds like the Republicans. Maybe I secretly hope that one day Sen. Biden and a Sen. Dean appear together attacking the right wing spin machine...


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