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The Tally Ho

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Saving the Ammo

Mr. Cheney kept repeating on Tuesday night how Mr. Edwards had an undistinguished Senatorial record. Mr. Edwards quickly came back and listed all of the sad votes Mr. Cheney had cast as the lone Representative of Wyoming. Mr. Bush seems to be going the same route with Mr. Kerry - either for Friday or a next Wednesday. I thought it was interesting that Mr. Kerry decided to not discuss his role in the BCCI investigations during the 80s. It seems like a perfect story for the foreign policy debate... its Iran-Contra! Drugs, terrorists, smuggling. So is Mr. Kerry simply holding this for when Mr. Bush says that Mr. Kerry is not accomplished, or is it that BCCI is too complex for a debate allowing only two minutes per answer and/or open for too much spin? I am assuming it will come out during the last debate mostly because I am not sure about the town hall format will work.

Anyway, BCCI Affair.


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