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The Tally Ho

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Phone Banking

Tonight I gave a few hours at a Kerry/Edwards phone bank. We were calling certain counties in Florida - the county that I was calling Mr. Gore in 2000. Our job was to assess who were strongly for Mr. Kerry, probably for Mr. Kerry, or something other. Most of my calls went unanswered, which is expected early on a Sunday evening. However, everyone I did talk to was planning on voting for Mr. Kerry - and enthusiastically so. One gentleman thanked me for calling and asked me to me stop preaching to the choir and round up new voters. Both he and his wife would not miss the vote. One of our reasons for calling was to let voters know that they can request absentee ballots and how to do so. One household I talked to didn't know that they could vote by mail. The same household (multi-family, English as a second language) had a member that registered to vote but had yet to receive a card telling her where the polling place was located. In both cases we gave out the Supervisor of Elections for the state and the local Kerry/Edwards office numbers. All in all it seemed pretty successful. Most people were prepared to vote, and those who did not have the proper information appreciated the phone call and help.

In 2000 I did nothing. Perhaps after the 1996 blowout I assumed that a Gore presidency was inevitable. Despite the disaster of the 1996 TeleCom Act, I may have taken the Clinton presidency for granted. This I regret. This year, and from now on, I am not sitting out elections - just voting is no longer good enough for me. As seen over the last four years, there is just too much at stake - and it can always get worse. Senator Kerry and the Democrats don't have all the answers, but it is a start. We owe that to the next generation, and ours, don't we? (why aren't we using "birth tax" to describe the Bush budget?) Hopefully when they write about the Bush Administration years from now one of the conclusions will be that their failure created a new level of participation and activism among US citizens.

If you want a laugh, Stockton & Tweed have a funny piece about Bill O'Reilly announcing his candidacy for the Illinois Senate Seat. Yes, their site is comedy.

I'm borrowing this from Dana,
"Klaus is a moron. He knows only what he reads in the New York Post." Courtest of: Top Secret! (1984)."

BTW, Nico is in town this coming Friday.


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