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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Old Bush/New Bush

If you didn't catch Bush in debate 10 years ago, here is a clip. I just ignored the writing and listened to the audio... but wow, there is a difference. Will the old Bush show tonight or does he truly have an issue? Me, I think being president of the United States is much harder than Governor of Texas, thus having much more on his mind... which equals less preparation time.

as always, check out the new TMW: Election update from parallel earth

I am going to post a bit from Craig's latest post over at NAAS.
But I’m not going to worry sitting on my ass anymore. This year I gave money. This year I wrote letters to the editor. This year I did phone banking. Now I’m going door to door. The most striking thing about this campaign is not negative advertising or the incompetence of the press. The most striking thing about this campaign is my transformation from an observer into an activist, from a consumer into a citizen and a Democrat.

Since 9/11 we have turned into a nation of sheep, cowering against the fence, bleating for someone to protect us. We’ve been infected by a poisonous individualism, we believe we should be able to take care of our own lives without anyone’s “help.” Confronted by threats beyond our control, we look around for a cowboy, a bigger, stronger individual to kick the bad guys around. A pitiful band of losers and fanatics has this country terrified. We are afraid to fly or take the subway. We hoard duct tape and food and bottled water just in case of another attack. We have the resources, the money, the power and yet we are week, blundering, desperate. Because we are individuals. Because we are consumers. Because we believe that if we look out for ourselves and our own, it will turn out the best for everyone. And it won’t.

But there’s an alternative. We don’t need to be protected and we certainly don’t need to be saved. We can look after our communities instead of just our homes. We can get involved. We can take power. If we have a stake in it, we need to have a say in it. So stand up, join, organize. As long as we are sit on the sidelines, the privileged few will continue to manipulate us with fear, to make us weak so they can hold onto their power and privilege. Will we win this year? Hell, I don’t know. But either way we will carry on the fight. Join us. Do something. Because the “Global War on Terror” is not going to be won by soldiers and mercenaries and secret agents who do our fighting and our thinking for us while the rest of us duck and cover. And it can’t be lost by a nation of citizens who stand together and fight.

If we as a nation can get rid of Bush, we will realize that we are not powerless, that it matters what we do. And then you won’t hear “I’m afraid I’ll die,” and “who can protect us.” Then you’ll hear people say “We are strong” and “What can I do” and “Let’s roll.”

Read the whole post. The author spent a day in Racine, Wisconsin going door to door and has other observations. I wish my buddy Mark would write about his time in New Hampshire last weekend. Looking at where the campaigns are spending the money - Kerry is fixated on Ohio and Florida while Bush is fixated on Wisconsin. Both are heavy in Reno and Albuquerque. Last night Oregon said they had a similar situation as what happened in Nevada. Though it sounds as if Bush has given up on winning any Pacific coastal state.


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