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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Negative of Yanks-Sox Series

The negative of the Yank-Sox series is that not enough attention has been paid to the Houston-St. Louis series. Both teams are playing very well, and the Cards have been fun to watch all year. They led the majors in overall wins - and played in an excellent division. Sure, the Yanks and Sox have felt like the World Series (at least here), but it isn't the World Series. However, last year both the LCSs were by far better than the World Series last year.

Addition: Thanks to Sarah for posting this below. It is by Chris Rattey and titled Ode to a bloody sock
There once was a bloody sock,
Attached to the end of the BoSox rock.
Our man Curt Schilling is the ultimate gamer,
Angus MacGyver must be a Red Sox trainer.
The first time Fox zoomed in on Curt’s shoe,
That’s no magic sneaker … and what’s seeping through?
Then came the bloody sock.

Oh bloody sock, oh bloody sock,
Call ESPN Classic because we have to talk.
Schill the Thrill denied common sense,
And now Game 7, could this get more intense?

One game, 27 outs, and on to the show,
Slapping balls out of gloves is an MLB no-no.
But as we watched the blood seep out of our rock,
We also witnessed the birth of the Boston Red Sock.

- By Chris Rattey, The Lighter Side


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