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The Tally Ho

Thursday, October 28, 2004

From a Cardinals Fan

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and all of the really great fans that make historical baseball dynasties possible. This is what is beautiful about baseball--great towns, great teams, great fans. While I am a bit disappointed by the Series that I thought would go to seven games and challenge both teams, I respect and appreciate what the Sox have done and what their fans have gone through.

In contrast to the upstanding nature with which Cardinals fans take losses and acknowledge others' achievements, my university is today filled with classless, bitter Cubs fans wielding red and blue brooms and making fun of the Cardinals. I will never understand Cubs fans. As far as I am concerned, I would root for the Cubs if they made it to a world series, but I will never consider Cubs fans good people when it comes to baseball. So, I wish to celebrate a crowning achievement for the BoSox and appreciate what the Cardinals did this year as something special in its own right. As for Cubs fans...maybe next century will prove better for your organization's success potential.

P.S. Steve, it doesn't look like the BoSox had problems in the Nat'l League park after all.


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