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The Tally Ho

Friday, October 29, 2004

A Few Thoughts

I’ve been too busy to blog, and am considering blogging off for a bit. I say that but now, but I don’t really believe it myself. Still, blogs aren’t as interesting as they were. My guess is that downloading audio blogs onto mp3 players or individual posts onto handhelds will be the next step.

Baseball: First, congrats to the Red Sox. Great effort and they deserved it. I don’t like how Schilling is being a shill for Bush, but it’s a free country. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he gave it his all. Nick is right, I overestimated the effect of playing in a National League park. I thought Oritz at first posed a few problems. However, the story was the Sox pitchers pounding the strike zone while the Cards pitchers danced around the plate and allowed the patient BoSox to choose their pitches. In game four when Marquis threw his 100th pitch, Lowe was at 38. I was happy it was the Cards and BoSox because they were the best two clubs in the game – and probably the two most fun teams to watch this year, and both teams have great fans. But baseball is an unpredictable sport – and it was the year for the Sox (finally). The playoffs do not necessarily have the same outcome as the regular season, and this BoSox team was built for the playoffs. One thing that Yanks and Cards have in common is that they seemingly had no left handing pitching. The BoSox are loaded with good lefty hitters and Ray King or Felix Heredia is not enough to counter. The Yanks went out and got A-Rod and Sheffield, but no left handed pitching – despite already having Wells and Pettitte! Not to mention, wouldn’t you rather have Tajada and Vlad to build around? Speaking of the Yanks, it may seem like I dislike them. I don’t. But these aren’t the fun to watch Yanks of the mid to late 1990s. Still, you have to like the way Jeter, Matsui, and Posada play. Just like Cubs fans have to respect Renteria, Pujols, and Matheny. As for bad fans, think about opening day next season. When Boston fans scream “choke” at the top of their lungs while raising that championship banner – against the Yanks.

Politics/Election: I agree with Trope about wanting the election to be over. While the real election started with the first debate – the one in which Senator Kerry smashed all of the nonsense that the Bush spent millions trying to convince swing voters of. Then the post debate campaigning… I do think that if Mr. Kerry will be the next president, I worry that if we truly are two countries – the country that loses will refuse to see Mr. Kerry as legitimate – much like many Democrats and liberals have never seen Mr. Bush as legitimate. I am hoping for a large margin of victory electoral wise so the courts have little impact on the overall outcome. But good things have come from this; a new generation of activists helping voter turn out to be at an all time high, the left and the Democratic Party on a similar page. I just hope that if the Mr. Kerry loses the coalition doesn’t break down – you don’t give up the fight because you lose an election. Or if Mr. Kerry does win, forgetting how much has to be done and corrected, that not every groups issue will get dealt with in the next four years, especially when you don’t control Congress. For example, if you want to get rid of Taft-Hartley you probably need 60 Senators. If President Bush loses I don’t think the GOP will go into crisis mode for very long, maybe just a quicker purge of the moderates. But this is all irrelevant because Mr. Kerry will take PA, OH, and FL… or at least all three look good – and Florida which I think is the least likely of the three, according to Kos, is in good shape. If Mr. Kerry really does win Miami-Dade by 90,000-100,000 votes it is hard to see him lose (check out the new NDN Ad). I guess I am counting on the DNC and other groups working on GOTV to carry us to a victory. Traditionally, large turnouts favor Democrats. We will see.

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