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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


This morning on the BBC they were covering rural Oregon and the presidential election. They interviewed a gentleman who basically said that there was little he liked about the president, but since Mr. Bush is opposed to abortion he is voting for him. A friends mother said used the same rationale for voting for then Gov. Bush over Vice President Gore. Last night former New York City mayor Ed Koch was on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Koch said that there was not a single domestic issue that he agreed with the president on, but was supporting him because of the GWOT. The gentleman in Oregon is a single issue voter on abortion rights. Mr. Koch is a single issue voter for the Bush style GWOT. I don't understand single issue voters.

Brian Lehrer is discussing the judiciary and the election on his 30 issues in 30 days segment.

The Cubs need to go after Carlos Beltrane, move Patterson to left. Yeah, yeah, Moises Alou had a great year. But Alou is 38 and Sosa didn't have a great year. They also need to solve the middle infield. Nomar or no-Nomar? Walker, Grud, or a defensive specialist like gold glover Pokey Reese?


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