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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Again, a good BBC report

This morning the BBC World Service had a story from Oregon again. It was on Lynn Braddock (I am not sure I am spellig her name correctly) of Portland. She lost her son in Iraq, I believe from a landmine. Ms. Braddock discussed how she became depressed and eventually had trouble being at work. She would often wrote letters to her son, and eventually became an activist. Her work started as an ABBer, working to defeat the President in November - and now a supporter of Senator Kerry, and she mentioned that it will take longer than four years to fix the problem caused just in these last four years. But her activism was not just about political campaigns. She adopted a minefield in Cambodia and has been raising money to have it cleared in her son's memory. I think the commentator mentioned that clearning one field costs $25,000. It is a sad story. However, Ms. Braddock commented that she likes the person she has become.

Speaking of military issues, it looks as if the Army is 30% off of their recruiting goals. 40% off recruiting reservists. Still think the draft isn't an issue?

Btw, the Democratic Senatorial nominee in Kentucky, Dr. Daniel Mongiardo, has pulled even with incumbent Jim Bunning. This wasn't even on the radar a few months ago.


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