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The Tally Ho

Sunday, September 12, 2004


I had a few drinks with a new roommate last night after learning he sold his house. A few years ago I remember reading an article written by the late Sen. Paul Simon. He basically wrote that due to political shifts in the United States and the increasing water shortages that piping Great Lake water to the Southwest was a real possibility. I found this notion absurd when I read it because I couldn't imagine the citizens of the Great Lake states allowing this. When new roommie and I were talking about politics, he mentioned that about a month all of the Great Lake governors and Canadian provinces had sworn not to let this happen - because the pressure is there. I am not convinced it won't anymore. Bush supposedly is against the shipping of Great Lake waters, but he was also opposed to nation building, the 9/11 Commission, Dept. of Homeland Security... But roommies comment was true
If you want water than don't move to a desert.
Ah, but its hard to union bust and have water I guess. But seriously, this should die now because while the lake levels are up (which helps out shipping), Lake Michigan and Huron had recently hit their lowest levels in almost 40 years prior to the recent rise.

At the bottom of the CNN Sen. Simon article it mentions that Paul Douglas was his mentor. Douglas, I believe was an economist at the University of Chicago before he became a Sentor. If memory from my undergrad days serves me correctly, I read or heard in a lecture that he had said something to the effect of
My first term I wanted to save the world. My second term I wanted to save the U.S. My third term I wanted to save the Indiana Dunes.
Maybe the legacy of a current Great Lake Senator will be to make sure pipping doesn't happen.


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