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Thursday, September 09, 2004

TPM / Dowd

Frist, from TPM:

(September 07, 2004 -- 05:06 PM EDT // link // print)
Coincidences are the strangest things ...

AP: 'U.S. death toll in Iraq passes 1,000 mark' ... 4:27 PM, Sept. 7th, 2004

AP: 'Ridge: Terrorists hope to disrupt election' ... 4:40 PM, Sept. 7th, 2004

-- Josh Marshall

Maureen Dowd's latest op-ed, Cheney Spits Toad. We all heard the Cheney "you will die" comments. Ms. Dowd writes:
These guys figure, hey, these scare tactics worked in
building support for the Iraq war, maybe they can work in
tearing down support for John Kerry. They linked Saddam
with terrorism and cowed the Democrats (including Mr.
Kerry, who has never been able to make the case against the
Bush administration's trompe l'oeil casus belli) and fooled
the country into going along with their trumped-up war. So
why not link Mr. Kerry with terrorism and cow the voters
into sticking with the White House they've got?

It's like that fairy tale where vipers and toads jump out
of the mouth of the accursed mean little girl when she
tries to speak. Every time Mr. Cheney opens his mouth,
vermin leap out.

The vice president and president did not even mention Osama
at the convention because of the inconvenient fact that the
fiend is still out there, plotting. Yet they denigrate Mr.
Kerry as too weak to battle Osama, and treat him as a
greater threat.

*Thanks for the link, Trope.


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