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The Tally Ho

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Quote of the Night / Cinema

Stem cells are like tofu, you can do anything with them

- David

I saw María, llena eres de gracia tonight, and I really enjoyed it. IMDB users only give it a 6.8, but I preferred this movie to several of the others I have seen recently.

Speaking of Cinema, on 13 October 2004, there is a CinemaSlam at BAM Rose Cinemas
COme support NYC's truly independent fimmakers in the third annual CinemaSlam, where we'll show anyone's film, with no prior judging or screening. Each filmmaker gets five minutes to show their best work in front of an audience, and there's no entry fee. You never know what you're going to see - and neither do we! Check www.bam.org for entry form and rules.

At the Diker Gallery Cafe and Natman Room, BAM also has their NextNext Visual Art.
While continuing to include BAM's Diker Gallery Cafe and Natman Room as unique venues for ten emerging Brooklyn-based artists to present their works, the 2004 installment of NextNext Visual Art will also include sculptural installations created for both BAMcafe and parts of the BAM Harvey lobby. The media will include photography, video, drawing, painting, and sculpture. Curated by Dan Cameron, Senior Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art.

This installation will be available from October-December. Again, if you get a chance, check out Maria, Full of Grace. Oh, yeah, and check out the Next Wave Festival too. If anyone wants to go to Next Wave or anything, let me know!


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