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The Tally Ho

Monday, September 06, 2004

New Roommates

Well, I get back in town in within a few days I have two new cohabitants. I wasn’t concerned that I would be stuck with annoying people – but it was still in the back of my mind. However, both turned out to be great. One is from Michigan and the other is an ex techie from NoCal. The check list is positive:

1) Both are clean
2) Both like to cook
3) Both have girlfriends that you can not only tolerate, but are interesting and fun to be around.
4) Both are voting for Kerry and don’t have the least bit of social conservatism. All three of us were worried about this – seeing the year.
5) Both drink red wine
6) Neither resided out of their home state
7) Both should be semi-regular participants in some form of happy hour.

I am lucky. Typically I usually don't have problems with roommates, but I have never really liked everyone that I lived with.


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